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Можно ли воспринимать киберспорт в качестве полноценного вида спорта

06.09.2019 15:29 (Обновлено 06.09.2019 в 15:34)

Esports can well be considered a full-fledged sport, in some countries it has already been recognized as such at the official level. Why do many to this day deny a fait accompli? There are many suggestions for this. Someone believes that sport is an event in which rivals compete solely in reality, but without controlling the characters of the game. Such an opinion is relevant mainly for those who have devoted half their lives to training - being in such a position, it is difficult to watch how very young guys make a career in a fundamentally new direction, including that presented on As an example, we can cite the same chess that certainly belongs to sports, but in many computer games you have to think no less. Everyone who believes that cybersportsmen are not intelligent, are very mistaken, moreover, such people think in a completely different plane than others, and therefore, perhaps even compare favorably with them.

Esportsmen do not forget that physical form should also not be ignored, they devote a lot of time to it, the speed of thinking and reaction largely depend on physical fitness, all e-sportsmen are aimed exclusively at winning, and therefore try not to leave their heads exclusively in a game, observing the measure in everything and living in his spare time the life of ordinary people.

How promising is eSports as an Olympic game?

Несмотря на то, что киберспорт признан во множестве стран, отдельным видом спорта на Олимпиаде он вряд ли сможет стать, по крайней мере, в таких дисциплинах, как Dota 2, rainbow 6 siege hacks или CS:GO. Представителей МОК в этом плане вполне можно понять, так как в данных играх суть заключается в том, чтобы убить как можно больше противников, тогда как первоначальное предназначение Олимпийских игр было совершенно иным – данным решением планировалось остановить все войны на планете. Во время проведения Олимпиады никто и никогда не нападал на другие страны, а значит, трансляция убийств в подобном мероприятии, даже если речь идет о компьютерной игре, просто недопустима, так как является прямым отступлением от принципов.

Thus, in a situation where someone is arguing about whether e-sports is a sport, you can safely indicate that it is already recognized as such in most countries of the world. It is quite difficult to challenge such an argument. Moreover, this trend allows us to equate cybersportsmen with football players, boxers, hockey players and other representatives of the good old physical disciplines. Over the past decade, eSports has been growing and spreading everywhere. Large tournaments are held with enviable regularity, gathering stadiums, and the most common games show amazing growth dynamics, e-sports schools are opening and, probably, someday the day will come when it will be recognized worldwide, without exception.

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